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The Authorities inspects eSDS.

Cited from ECHA's homepage:

"Helsinki, 10 January 2017 The safety of workers will be inspected by 28 EU and EEA Member States. The key element of the project will be to investigate the quality of the safety data sheets that contain guidelines on the safe use of hazardous substances. Inspectors will check if the extended safety data sheets match the information established by the chemical safety reports (CSRs) that substance manufacturers prepare. They will also go through the exposure scenarios attached to the safety data sheets.

...Inspectors from national enforcement authorities will collaborate with labour inspectors to assess if the recommended operational conditions and risk management measures are fulfilled...

...The first inspections will take place in January 2017, and the activity will continue throughout the year...

The project will be the first joint EU enforcement project that aims to improve communication, through safety data sheets, throughout the supply chain."